Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Into the Jordan....

We stepped into the Jordan River this morning to renew our baptismal promises. There are several areas where groups can gather and we were next to a group that was doing the entire immersion baptism experience (apparently you can rent baptismal attire--who knew?). We didn’t do full immersion, although it would have been interesting with all the fish that were swimming around. Fish. Lots and lots of little fish.

We made a statement of belief and a commitment for the future. We had water poured over our heads and were anointed with oil.

Baptism is something that most of us cradle Catholics let go over our heads (no pun intended!)----it happened when we were infants and didn’t have a clue about what we were saying ‘yes’ to. The commitments we make at Baptism drive the rest of our spiritual lives. All of our ministry and work flows from this Sacrament, and so it always feels sad to me that I don’t remember my Baptism.

I feel so much gratitude to have this new memory of Baptism in the same waters that Jesus and John the Baptist stepped into in 1st Century Palestine.


CMF said...

Ah! At last a reason to truly celebrate the time and place of my baptism!!

2jacks said...

What an amazing experience!