Sunday, July 21, 2013


This is my 5th day in England, but the first day that I've actually had time to post anything.  Jet lag is a drag, and it takes a while until you feel like you are here as opposed to there, so I finally feel like I'm here.

The first day is always the 'wander around, breathe the air, stay in the light so you can get yourself onto the timezone' day.  But it ended up being the first time I've ever taken a leisurely walk along the river......what took me so long?  

Saturday was sis took us to Chawton, which is a small village near Alton.  Chawton was where Jane Austen lived, so we got to visit her house (beautifully preserved) as well as Chawton House, which was the estate home of her brother.  The history is interesting, but what is more interesting is to stand in the places where history happened.  There is a spirit in those places.

Photos below!

1. Big Ben

2. Parliament buildings at night (notice how the architect who did Highclere Castle is the one who did these buildings?)

3. Chawton House

4. Chawton House

5. Jane Austen's house

6. Jane Austen's house

7. Directional signs in Chawton

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