Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I already wrote about Canterbury when I was here 3 years
ago--nothing new to say, really, so if you're interested, you 
can read that post here:

That said, the entire Cathedral was open this time---which 
meant that we got to see everything, including the Becket 
martyrdom site.  Quite dramatic.

I've knelt and prayed at the site of Oscar Romer's martyrdom,
and now the site of Thomas Becket's.  Different bishops, 
different experiences, different reasons-----but they both 
ended the same way.....cut down by those who disagreed.  
And each, in his own way, became bigger in death than in life.  
And both are saints.  When will we ever understand that 
killing people that we disagree with makes no sense?


1.  View back into the Cathedral from the Trinity chapel area
(the candle on the floor is the Becket memorial--burns
24/7 at the site where Becket's remains were kept until 
removed and destroyed by Henry VIII)
2.  HIgh altar and Archbishop's enthronement chair
3.  Becket window
4.  Becket martyrdom site
5.  Becket martyrdom site
6.  Becket martyrdom site from above
7.  Cloisters

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